wanderingartificer said: I started to see geometric shapes in the sigil while watching/listening

See… Its working!

I started to see all kinds of strange things when i was listening to it. Floating geometric shapes where one of them actually. (though i wasn’t looking at the sigil at the time… just added that in for the youtube version)

Anonymous asked:

That audio sigil you just posted is probably one of the most discordant, and creepy sounds I've heard in a long time. I listened to most of it, and I feel as if I could vividly imagine my death by drowning because of it... Interesting work though! Keep up with it!

Haha…. yeah i know.

I didn’t say it sounded pleasant. I usually listen to it really quietly or under music or something. And only if I’m just about to do a ritual or do some meditation. But… it does work… for me anyway.

It was just an experiment though and when i have some more time i will probably work on embedding an intent into a music composition. maybe key changes instead of individual notes? Also if i do continue with the individual notes I will probably put them under other music.