The earliest evidence of ancient dentistry we have is an amazingly detailed dental work on a mummy from ancient Egypt that archaeologists have dated to 2000 BCE. The work shows intricate gold work around the teeth. This mummy was found with two donor teeth that had holes drilled into them. Wires were strung through the holes and then around the neighboring teeth.



The Holy Table, the Sigil of Ameth and the Ensigns of Creation.

These sigils and tables are elements of the ceremonial systems known as Enochian Magic, derived from the work of scholar Dr. John Dee and seer Edward Kelley. Kelley and Dee claimed to collaboratively summon and observe archangels of God through a scrying stone on a prepared table. Through this method, Kelley and Dee were given the Holy Table (the Table of Covenant) and instructed to utilize the Sigil of Ameth (Sigillum Dei) with the scrying-stone. The angels then presented the seven Ensigns of Creation, complex talismants to be engraved on purified tin and arranged on the Holy Table to be used as a means of establishing “conciliation between the magician and the Heptarchic powers”.

More information on the history and use of these sigils can be found in the Enochian Magick Reference by Benjamin Rowe at the Hermetic Library website.

Anonymous asked:

Way too inexperienced magically speaking. How would one charge a sigil?

kushl0rd answered:

  • wank on it while letting the symbol imprint itself in your consciousness. As you achieve orgasm visualize the sigil in your mind or make eye contact with it. (most popular/easiest method) I find sigils work especially well in this method when they are smeared with sexual fluid and then disposed of in a way appropriate to the elemental nature of their request (a financial request would be buried in the earth, a sigil asking for dream confirmation thrown into a body of water or flushed down the toilet, sigils to do with will and high magick burned, sigils to do with travel or intelligence shredded and scattered to the winds, etc. The disposal of the sigil applies to all methods, not just this one.)
  • prick yourself with a (STERILE) safety pin or make a small cut (again with a STERILE) object. At the moment you feel the pain, like the orgasm method, let the symbol imprint itself into your consciousness (pain and orgasm are interchangeable). The cut or prick does not have to be large and I would suggest for health reasons that it not be. Blood drawn is not necessary unless you plan on wiping the sigil with it. The purpose of this method is to be in a different frame of mind (as in the orgasm). Consecrate the sigil with blood as you would consecrate it with sexual fluid as described above. If you’re not comfortable breaking your own skin, you can pass your fingers through a lit flame briefly while looking into the sigil. I recommend meditating on the sigil first before doing this method.
  • chant or meditate a phrase relevant to the sigil while looking at it until you feel like its purpose has imprinted itself into your consciousness. A more risky method since it’s hard to determine exactly when it’s there; the only thing I can say is, you’ll know when you reach that point because the symbol will start revealing certain aspects of itself to you that you hadn’t even thought about before. That’s a pretty good indicator that it’s charged.
  • this way if you’re a fucking crazy psycho but not recommended for n00bs to magic

There are lots of ways to do this so these aren’t the only ways but they’re ways I’ve used before *shrug*



  • Create the sigil during an astrologically- or geomantically- significant window of time; use the astrological hours or geomantic hours for calculating base windows, or learn some astrology to make your sigil during a genuine astrological event.
  • Invoke a spirit from your spirit-court, and ask them to assist you in charging the sigil.
  • Do a zone rite, such as LBRP or casting circle, and command the talisman to be charged by empowering it using the working tools of your tradition.
  • Draw the sigil over and over and over again on a piece of paper, until it suddenly looks ‘right’.
  • Create four to six sigils at once, and consecrate them simultaneously. Make one of them a ‘robofish’ that’s specifically energized to bring about something you know is going to happen anyway (e.g., “chicken fried rice for dinner Monday.”), which makes the others more likely to come about.

I have heard people burning a candle or incense to charge a sigil.

Spread it around the internet, like on tumblr. 

Place it in a mirror box, or any kind of charged/magical container.

Do energy work and visualizations on it. 

A method I am quite fond off is to use the mental energy/concentration that come from playing games. I play 20 to 50 levels of Unblock Me (a puzzle game app) for a spell or a sigil. 


sorry mymagicalstudy I had a great big long list of wonderful things for you and then Tumblr fucked off and ate it. I’ll answer your question tomorrow or when I have the time. But I have a huge list for you of good beginner things to be familiar with stretched across the entire timeline of…

Thank you very much :3 looking forward to it!
No need to hurry though, whenever you have the time.

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(feel free to help a girl out, but if you’re going to charge these sigils beyond rebagleing them, I ask that you charge them together, as I have done in my ritual.)

The top sigil is for my acceptance letter from UB to come through.
The bottom sigil is for some $$$$$. 


Anonymous asked:

Hello! Preemptive apology for the broad question, but I was wondering how each of you came about the tools you use in your respective practices? Also, if any of you made them yourself? I've been shopping around but nothing is really catching my eye, so I'm thinking of going the homemade route, though it seems a tad daunting. Any tips in that regard? Or shop/artisan recommendations? Thank you very much!

ceremonialmagic101 answered:

While working through Modern Magic, by the late D.M.Kraig, and for that matter Learning Ritual Magic, by John Michael Greer and others, I made a number of tools: the pentacle or pantangle, the Fire Wand, the Rainbow Wand of the Adeptus Minor, my own Water Chalice (the lotus painting was annoying, but I loved learning to spin clay on the wheel), and my own Air Dagger (which I only painted on a store-bought dagger, but I’m learning some blacksmithing in order to make a new one from scratch).  

I strongly recommend making your tools. The high victorian method of making dagger, chalice, fire wand, lotus wand, and pentacle leaves one with a massive collection of ‘goodies’ which is, frankly, annoying. What does one do with these things once one has them?  However, I would maintain that one is not a master magician in truth until one has made them.

That said, once you’ve made them, you should try ‘making’ your tools from a live twig with a blossom on it for fire, a cupped leaf for your chalice, a sharp rock for your dagger, and a flat stone for your pentacle.  Or assemble your altar at a greasy-spoon diner out of the materials on the table: a plate for your pentangle, a dirty knife for your dagger, an unwrapped straw for your wind, and a smirched water glass for your chalice.  For until your tools can be found and not made, you will likewise never be a master magician. :-) — abwatt